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Practice makes perfect

In the case of wine tasting, this statement is ideal. However, let us not assume immediately that, even after a few years, we will distinguish the origin of the wine from the southern and western slopes of the hill in Tuscany, although this is not excluded. After all, several hundred people in the world can do it! However, we can assure you that we will be masters in setting our own expectations of wine. We will be aware of what flavor and aroma we are looking for, and what definitely does not suit us. We will be happy to savor a perfectly matched wine with our favorite dish and we will be impatiently waiting for the evening to taste wine from a bottle found in the store, marked with the name of a grape unknown to us so far.
We will be able to distinguish well-made wine from the average one.

Tasting is not only about assessing the value of the wine, it is also getting to know the vineyard, the region where it comes from, grapevine varieties, conditions in which it was grown (terroir) and the history of people who created it. If you want to find out about all this, and start your adventure with wine, we invite you to a tasting organized by our company. Tastings are conducted by sommelier – traveler Jarosław Kowalski.

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